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Special Police Fifth Headquarters, National Police Agency


About us

Update Date:2020-11-29

Units:Special Police Fifth Headquarters

Establishing history and overview of Special Police Fifth Headquarters
  • Overview
    • The headquarters, formerly known as the 2nd corps of Special Police First Headquarters, was designed to be expanded and renamed as Special Police Fifth Headquarters due to the needs of the security tasks in 1989. On 1.1.1990, Special Police Fifth Headquarters, which was belonged to National Police Agency, Ministry of The Inferior, was established in Gangshan camp in Kaohsiung.
    • In order to expand the local police forces, part of the police in our headquarters was transferred to local police stations over the counties and cities in 1999. Since September of the same year, the draftee of the police alternative service began to fill the vacant positions, making the standing police and the draftee the two main forces of Special Police Fifth Headquarters.
  • Tasks
    • Surround the central constitutional organizations, prepare to deal with any contingency, and assist the public security issues.
    • Support the criminal police, local police stations, and the police of the river and telecommunication and so on. We also support the dispatch of security police, service planning, training, supervision of criminal related and foreign affairs.
    • In support of dealing with gathering activities, security guard related business, alert, and maintaining the social order.