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Special Police Fifth Headquarters, National Police Agency



Update Date:2020-11-29

Units:Special Police Fifth Headquarters

The prospects and the training policy and objectives of Special Police Fifth Headquarters
  • Prospects
    • Establish the southern police training center:
      Establish the southern police training center and be responsible for the training of cadres, which includes business related to "traffic", "security", "foreign affairs", "computer science and information management", "criminal affairs", and "legislation". Implement lifelong learning program, increase the legal knowledge, and strengthen the ability of mission execution, keeping the service and missions going smoothly.
    • Increase security equipments and strengthen the police training:
      Security police is the main force to maintain the public safety and social order. The headquarters should strengthen the police training, increase security equipments and accoutrements, improve the training facilities, and enhance the training standard, making Special Police Fifth Headquarters a team with professional skills and good images. We also should work hard and make progress to complete the missions of maintaining the social order.
  • Training policy and objectives
    • Enhance the skills of mission execution:
      Review the pros and cons of the managements of the gathering activities. Develop new mission executing skills, perform the training of all kinds of security maintenance formations, and strengthen the sudden outbreaks handling ability of the police.
    • Enhance the ability of disaster relief:
      Execute the rescue and recovery missions of typhoons, floods, and earthquakes. Cooperate with disaster relief units and fire fighters to execute disaster relief missions, and hold training of rescue skills. Enhance the ability and willingness of serving the public spontaneously.
    • Promote lifelong learning program:
      Promoting lifelong learning is in order to improve personal qualities, expand our perspectives, follow the government's policy, understand the changing tendency of the society, create a learning-styled organization, and create a new image of the police.